bb-heroDid you know that at least fifteen million people in the world suffer from Eczema alone? That doesn’t even start to cover the millions of other people who suffer from other skin sensitivities and problems. TruKid’s “Hero Stick” has helped many sufferers of sensitive skin and Eczema to find consistent rash relief.   You don’t have to have super sensitive skin, however, to appreciate the wonder of the Hero Stick. It soothes rashes, bites, scratches, cuts, dry skin, and a plethora of other skin complaints that you or your family might have. It’s that one stick that seems to solve every problem. Really         ! Even diaper rash!   Check out these customer testimonials, spread the word, and get the relief you need!   "Firstly, I bought 1 Hero Stick to try it out on my grandson who has spots of eczema. The Hero Stick seems to have magical powers that keep the eczema under control! Since my first purchase, I bought the package of three sticks. The grandchildren use it willingly and even I have used it on a rash I had. Worked better than what the doctor prescribed!" (Mary A, Ontario)   TruKid Happy Face and Body Lotion helps with Eczema and sensitive skin, too!   "Just wanted to try this lotion and I love it. It doesn't bother my sons skin who has eczema. I love it for myself because it is so light and is so much better than other lotions I use for myself. My next purchase will be the bigger size!" (Stephanie H, PA) "I purchased this lotion because my daughter has very sensitive skin and this works AWESOME for her. This is the only natural lotion I've found that actually moisturizes my daughter's skin and keeps her from scratching. AND it smells great!" (Jill, WI)