In case you’ve tried all the other activities from our previous post, or you’re just looking for a new, different way to spend your day, try some of these underrated activities fit for the whole family! Bond, laugh, and change up the routine!   *Shop! -Explore your local Farmer’s Market or flea market! Shop the cute boutiques splattered all over! Go to that edgy vintage clothes shop and try on fun outfits! Free samples, dressing up, exploring your town, and hanging out with your best friends and family! What could be better?   *Geocaching! -This fun and exciting iPhone app sets up cool and adventurous scavenger hunts in your local area for you to go on! Follow clues, explore, and hopefully find your prize!   *S’more Please?! -Set aside a night and have everyone commit to being home by 6 or 7. Set up a cozy fire and a movie. Bring pajamas and blankets. Then, make s’mores!! You can make them over your stove, easy peasy, and complement it with a nice, warm glass of hot chocolate. If you want extra bonding, set up some crafts to do at the same time!   *Scrapbooking! -All you need are pictures, a scrapbook, some paper, glue, and stickers! Get the whole family together to reminisce on the past and create a beautiful scrapbook full of good…and embarrassing memories (yes, you have to include those terrible hair cut decisions somewhere!) Bring out some snacks while you work, and enjoy!   *Game night! -Sounds a little lame just from the title, but get a game of Monopoly started, and everyone will be riled up and laughing soon enough. You can even make a contest out of it and bet on chores!   For more activities, check out the new and upcoming websites, like Groupon, Social Living, Sosh, and more, to find out deals and attractions that you and your family can take advantage of!