Tired of bath time being a negative experience for your kids? We were too, so we created TruKid. Here at TruKid, we make products that are fun and easy-to-use by children with sensitive skin. Whether you have a toddler with eczema or a preschooler with dry skin, our products will help them enjoy bath time again! Our products are made with natural ingredients that will help soothe your child’s skin. Our bubble bath podz contain organic bubbles to create fun, fluttery foam. They're easy for little hands to hold and the podz dissolve in water quickly without leaving any residue behind! Keep reading to discover all the ways we are here to help you and your Little Ones.

Tired of bubble bath options loaded with chemicals that cause a HUGE mess? We are too! Our Bubble Podz offers a fun mess-free experience. Your Kiddo will love the ample amount of bubbles while you feel good knowing they are playing in the best ingredients! Each of our podz are made in perfectly measured dissolvable podz. Simply, hold the pod under warm water, let it dissolve, and stir your hand in the tub for the max amount of bubbles. We offer podz in many kid-approved scents and scent-free for extra sensitive skin types. A little birdie also told me new scents are being released in the near future.... Spoiler alert... Bubble Gum is first! TruKid Bubble Podz contain natural ingredients and essential oils.

The newest TruKid collection is the lavender lineup. Perfect for after a long day of fun outside or just to relax before bed, these products are perfect for your little one. We offer this scent in Bubble Podz, Cream, and Body Wash.

TruKid Soothing Eczema Care is an all-natural collection that helps soothe eczema flare-ups and redness. This itch relief product can also be applied to bug bites! TruKid Soothing Collection offers comfort and fun for even the most sensitive skin type. TruKid Soothing Eczema Care is offered in Body Wash, Bubble Podz, Ointment, Stick, Sunscreen, and Cream form. No fake or harsh chemicals that would make your Little One's skin flare up.

Let us not forget about our newest additions to the world. We have a full line of baby essentials that will become a must-have for new parents. Our products are designed to be gentle on your little one's skin while being tough enough to remove dirt and grime. TruBaby products include lotion, sunscreen, organic nipple butter, organic diaper balm, lavender wash, lavender cream, daily lotion, and wash.

Reminder: TruKid was created by mother and CEO Jennifer Adams Bunkers as a way to help her 6 children. Now, she is sharing it with you! We are here to support you and your Little One. Follow us on social media for parenting tips and tricks!