When your baby starts eating food it can be so scary! With Thanksgiving coming up, we have some safe food ideas for your Little One. Like always, double check with your pediatrician regarding any questions you have.

Reminders: Make sure your baby is ready and be aware of allergens.




Can you really have a Thanksgiving meal without turkey? Your baby does not have to go without this holiday favorite. For new to eating babies, you would want to puree the turkey with water, formula, or milk. For toddlers, remove the skin and strip the turkey into half inch strips.


Mashed and Sweet Potatoes

This one is super easy. More than likely, your family is already going to have mashed and/or sweet potatoes. Your little one can have them too. You might need to add a little bit of water of extra milk to thin them out for easy swallowing. This is also a fun food to let your Little One use a baby led weaning spoon with.


Pumpkin Pie

Of course, this one can be a touchy subject. Each family makes their own decision in regard to sugar and desserts. If you are looking for an easy to eat dessert option, move over to the pumpkin pie section. It is smooth inside making it easy to swallow. If it makes you feel better, they are eating a fruit. Wink… Wink…


Glazed Carrots

My daughter LOVES carrots. She really loves glazed ones. For babies under 1, you will need to puree the carrots. For toddlers, carrots need to be cooked well to soften them. Soft carrots are a great option for your new-to-chewing Little One. These are a little sweet, and a lot healthy!


Cranberry Sauce

This is the easiest food to feed our kiddo. Why? Because you just pop open the can and there you go! Can... to plate... to spoon. Be aware of the sugar content in this yummy Thanksgiving food.


Stuffing or Dressing

The biggest Thanksgiving food debate… Stuffing or Dressing? Each to their own. Either is a great option for your little one. It can be puree if needed. You can also add a little gravy or butter to soften it more. Give your toddler a training fork if you want some cute (and messy) photos.


There are so many great options for your baby and toddler this season. I hope this helps you with ideas on what to give your Little One. More than anything, we encourage your to slow down next week and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Eat all the food. Laugh all the laughs. Give all the hugs. Take all the photos.


Happy Thanksgiving from theTruKid Family