Halloween.... It is so much fun for a lot of families. But, it can't be just me that struggles with my kids on what they should wear. When they were little, it was easy. I picked a cute costume and they wore it. As they have gotten older, they pick their own and it gets exhausting making that vision come to like. So, I thought I would help you out with some great (and easy) family costume ideas. 


1. Super Hero Squad 

It does not matter the composition of your family structure, this idea will work for you. Plus, how cute are they! Imagine super man, the hulk, wonder woman, flash, spider man, iron man, bat girl, and/or cat woman. This idea gets the whole family involved. If you are anything like us, it becomes a competition of whose costume is the best. 


2. Starbucks 

I know.. I know... Starbucks is not for everyone. For my family, it is a way of life some days! Another cute costume idea is to dress up like a barista and drinks! We have not tried this one yet, but it is on the list for future Halloweens. 

3. It's Greased Lightning..... 

We all know it and we all love it! Say hello to the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. This is the easiest costume and can be made last minute with clothes you probably already have in your closets! It will look like you put in a lot of effort and nobody will know you actually forgot to get the costumes! I count that as a parent win.

4. Throwback Horror Movie Characters 

This one could be my favorite and requires a bit more planning than the others. However, it would be so much fun. Leading up to Halloween, have some movie nights and let your kiddos pick out which character they want to be. The possibilities are endless.  

5. Introducing the cutest Wizard of Oz cast EVER!!! 

It does not matter if you have a large family or a small family, the Wizard of Oz characters can absolutely work for you! We did this theme a few years ago and got so many complements on it. It was a bonus that our pup got to join in on the fun. He was a little large to be the actual Toto but it worked for us. 


From the TruKid Family, we hope you have the best Halloween. Remember, to be safe and soak up every moment with your Little Ones.