I get it, we are busy as parents just trying to keep our tiny humans alive and thriving! So, why should we invest time into looking for eco-friendly products? Why does it matter? Does it really make a difference? Could our family make an impact on the fight against pollution for global sustainability? The answer is YES! You and your family can make a huge difference in the global battle we are currently fighting. 

When I created this line, I knew I wanted to protect our planet in any way I could. Most of our packaging, shipping, and production is based on our desire to do our part in preserving our world. We take pride in each of our products knowing the product is excellent and the package is plastic free and safe for our planet. 

Our packaging is all 100% recyclable, water free, and each pod is encased in a biodegradable wrapping. Our system for providing single serve bubble podz that dissolve eliminates over 80 million bottles a year. TruKid products are made with 5 simple natural ingredients. 


What happens when we do not make informed decisions that help preserve our globe? Children make up 10% of the world's population. However, over 40% of the global pollution burden falls to them. Did you know, more than 3 millions children 5 years old and younger die annually from environmental factors? Toxic environmental factors include air, water, and soil pollution. By using recyclable materials we are reducing some of the pollution that ultimately makes the globe less inhabitable. 


We encourage you to make a change in your home! Start with an eco-friendly bathroom. Switch our your bottles filled with chemicals for our TruKid natural and eco-friendly products.