Here at TruKid our number one priority is to provide safe, clean and fun products for children of all skin types and ages. We created the Soothing (Eczema) Collection as one of our flagship products. It is formulated with natural ingredients that soothe your Little One’s irritated and dry skin. After our formula was created, tested, and pediatrician approved we applied to be a member of the National Eczema Association. Our application was accepted, and we strive to actively increase awareness and provide safe and effective relief for children struggling with eczema. Our Soothing (Eczema) Collection contains all the products you need to help your kiddo feel better. The collection starts with our bath podz, concludes with after bath skin care, and has so many products in-between. We make eczema care fun! There are many causes for eczema in children and it has been diagnosed, on average, in 13% of children. It can be diagnosed as young as birth – adulthood. There are many factors that cause childhood eczema to flair up. These instigators can be dry skin, irritants, heat, sweating, infection, allergens, cool and cold weather, and many more. Often when eczema flairs up, it is an  external sign that something is wrong/off balance internally.

If you are looking for a way to give back and help support this cause, I encourage you to visit for information and ways to help. We are proud to be a member of the National Eczema Association. We love giving back to a cause that helped our family learn so much. I wanted my kids to have great products that would help with their skin issues (including eczema); Now, I get to be a part of helping other families who struggle with eczema and other skin issues.

If you have any questions about our products and how they help all skin types, send us a message. If you are struggling with eczema, send us a message for tips and pointers. We love helping other parents find the perfect products for their kids. Another perk of the TruKid products is that our products also work great on adult skin too! Let us help your whole family!