At Trukid, we are on a mission to get children back in the bath.

Count on us to deliver a full range of gentle bath essentials and kids’ skincare products. We’re committed to our reputation as the experts in children's skin care, bringing you and your child a fun and safe experience. Proudly Made in the USA.

Nourishing and
Gentle Skin Care

As the experts in children's skincare, TruKid knows that truly great kids need to get truly clean, naturally! While adult skin is developed and mature, your child’s skin is still young, fragile, and developing, and it loses hydration faster than adult skin.

As adults we look for products that serve our specific skincare needs (wrinkles, sun spots, etc.) and these formulations are generally not suitable for young, sensitive skin. TruKid provides healthy, all-natural, soothing skincare products tailored specifically for your child!

Experts in Children's
Skin Care Since 2008

TruKid provides a complete line of innovative children's hygiene and skincare products including bubble bath, body wash, skin cream, and sunscreen.

TruKid products are plant-based and optimized for the sensitive skin of children. Each is designed to remind us to take a moment to connect and simply enjoy the little things that make life more comforting and more loving.

We believe that no child deserves to be itchy, irritated, or infected, especially not as a result of using a bath product. Let us help create comfortable outdoor playtime for your infant, toddler, or tween.


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