Need a break from the conundrum of everyday? Try some of these fun adventures for the whole family! It’s easy to get sucked back in to the daily routine of the year. Wake up, eat, work, errands, dinner, sleep. But just because the Holiday vacation is over, doesn’t mean that your fun has to come to an end! Try some of these easy and fun activities that the whole family will love!   *Hike! -Whether you’re interested in a one-seven mile trail hike, or just exploring the natural areas around you, hikes are refreshing, good exercise, and a fun way to spend time with your family. Not to mention the endorphins you’ll get that will keep everyone in a happy mood! Pack a lunch and have a family picnic or have a New Years photo shoot in the beautiful landscape. The best part?! It’s free! *Picnic! -Take a trip to your local college campus, hill, grassy area, or city bench and have a cute picnic with your loved ones! Pack some healthy sandwiches, crackers, cookies, and if you’re feeling up to it, some cute plastic wine glasses J End your day with a nice stroll around or some shopping! *Tour! -Be a tourist for the day! Go to all of those cheesy restaurants and shops, take that tour of whatever monument or island or park that every tourist visits, snap some photos of you and your pals posing in front of the main attractions, splurge on a trolley ride or a bicycle carriage, and remember everything that made you love where you live! It may be cheesy or embarrassing, but there’s a reason everyone flocks to see these things! (And it’s an awesome way to spend your day).