Look and feel your best this year with these healthy and simple New Years tips from TruKid!  
  1. 1.     Take the stairs
Instead of cruising up on the elevator two stories, take the stairs! It doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you implement it into your daily routine, you’ll burn more calories, tone your legs, keep a healthy heart, and release some happy endorphins!  
  1. 2.     Replace it!
There are many new and innovative alternatives to those everyday foods you consume, which are great…just not necessarily for your health. Try yogurt alternatives to butter (sounds weird, but they taste just the same with WAY better health results); Egg beaters taste the same as regular eggs, but are much healthier (and super quick and easy to make!); almond (and other non-dairy) milks are delicious and offer more benefits than dairy milk (they are also great as creamer in coffee and tea!). These are so easy to implement and will have long and short term health effects.  
  1. 3.     Lather up Your Winter Skin
Yes, it’s Winter and it’s cold, but your skin can still be damaged by the sun! Wear, at the very least, sunscreen on your face everyday, to help protect yourself from skin cancer and premature aging! After you shower, make sure to lather up in TruKid Happy Face and Body Lotion to keep your skin from drying out!  
  1. 4.     Add to it
Add a vitamin supplement to your breakfast routine! Make sure to follow the directions on the bottle, in order to have the best effects! Whether it is a one a day vitamin, an iron supplement, or a fish oil tablet, these dietary supplements can give you a boost where you’re lacking! And now they have them in gummy form, so even the kids will be excited about taking them!  
  1. 5.     Moderation is key
An old saying, but an important one! Moderation is key in both good and bad things! Portion control is important for a healthy diet, whether you’re moderating how much fruit you eat or how many Oreo cookies you consume.  
  1. 6.     Keep it natural
From skincare products (like TruKid!), to the everyday groceries you eat, to the household cleaners you use, protect yourselves, your home, and your family from the harmful and dangerous effects of products and food made with chemicals. All natural is not just a trend, but a lifestyle. Implement it now for a healthier and happier family.  
  1. 7.     Laugh and smile!
Studies show that laughing and smiling (even if it’s fake) boosts overall morale and makes you happier! Just going through the motions of smiling will make you really want to smile. And don’t forget, laughing is contagious—keep yourself and those around you happy and have the best 2013 possible!