Is your Little One restless and having a hard time winding down for the evening or nap time? It can be a wide variety of factors leading to this struggle. As important as the perfect swaddle is, the proper bath scent and nighttime routine are vital to getting your little human to sleep.  So, we created the new Lavender Collection just for you. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a refreshed morning! You deserve it momma.


This Lavender line-up includes Bubble Podz, Body Cream and Body Wash. The natural lavender scent will help calm your Little One while the soothing ingredients provide soothing feeling for all skin types. These products are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Each of the Lavender Collection products are comprised of sunflower, aloe, allatoin, shea and cocoa butter which offer a nourishing comfort to even the newest of babies.


A great night time routine to help get your Little One ready for rest is running a warm bath with the lavender Bubble Podz, washing baby with a gentle cloth using the Lavender Hair and Body Wash, drying them with a soft hooded towel, applying a small amount of the Lavender Cream, brushing their hair with a gentle brush, dressing baby in a ultra-soft onesie and then wrapping them in a snug swaddle. Some babies enjoy being nursed to sleep. However, if you lay baby down right before they go to sleep, it leads to a better (and longer) rest for them. We would love to know your nighttime routine. Head to our Facebook and Instagram to let us know what works for your Little One’s nighttime routine.