Hi Everyone! Recently I have noticed a lot of new faces and people joining the TruKid Family. So, I thought it was about time to say hi and reintroduce myself to you all.

I am Jennifer Adam Bunkers a busy mom of 6. Owning multiple businesses, taking care of my kids that range from middle school to post college and keeping up with every day life keeps me super busy in the best way possible.

Having a background and education in skin care products, it was important to me only to use the best products for my growing family. After trying multiple products and never getting the results I desired at a price I thought appropriate, I decided to create my own products for my Little Ones. That soon spilled into friends and family and resulted in the creation of TruKid. I love sharing products that I created for my children with other parents. There is nothing that I enjoy more than hearing how my products are helping other children strive in life.

So…. Welcome to the TruKid family. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for support and to keep up with new products and sales. Follow us on Pinterest to see what we recommend for your Little Ones and the products we love using on our families! We are excited to have you here.