1. Bubble Podz are a great addition to any bath time routine! Our individually packaged podz are easy to use and provide so much fun for your Little One while in the bath. There are multiple options for natural scents that are great for all skin types. Does your Little One have eczema or sensitive skin? Try our Eczema Care Unscented podz for children with the most sensitive skin. These podz are made with natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal and allatoin to soothe irritated skin (including diaper rashes). The scented Podz are made with natural fragrances and are all toxin free!


  1. TruKid Lavender & Body Wash cleans away all the everyday dirt and germs that your Little One picks up through the day while offering a soothing natural lavender scent. This product not only fights germs, it helps sooth your child into a relaxed nights sleep.



  1. The TruKid Soothing (Eczema ) Therapy Balm has become a staple in many families lives. This product was previously known as the Hero Stick, and it is exactly that…… A HERO for your Little one! This balm works wonders on irritated, dry, and rough skin. It can be used on all ages and will provide instant relief.