Still getting ready for Valentine's Day? Here are some more fun ideas for Valentine's Day crafts! Enjoy! 4. Crazy for Cranes Get out that old origami book and sit down with your kid(s) to fold paper cranes or whatever other shapes in fun colors! Each crane can have a name written on the wing or a little note attached! Directions: Gather origami paper (or alternative), scissors, and pens. Look up origami directions (in book or online). Help your child fold cranes or other origami shapes for the kids in their class (or other friends). Decorate the cranes as you please. 5. There's Always...Candy! I know it's not the most original idea, but you really can't go wrong with candy on Valentine's Day! Take a quick drive to your local store and grab a bag of candy! Now that your kids' treats are complete, you can set around to finishing your plans, and making sure that everyone in the family has a wonderful Valentine's Day! Another quick idea: Create Valentine's Day Mailboxes for everyone in the family and have everyone in the family write little notes about why they love each other and deposit them in the mailboxes. --> Supplies: Shoebox, paper, scissors,stickers, glue, pens, etc Directions: Cover shoe box (or alternative) in construction paper. Cut slit in the top of the mailbox for mail to be dropped through. Decorate the paper with markers, stickers, pictures, etc. Write your or your kid's name on the individual mailboxes. Write out notes for each other. Insert in mailbox.