Child obesity has been a growing trend over past years. It’s a major health risk and can affect children in ways seen and unseen. This year, TruKid is really trying to encourage kids (and parents) to fight this trend, stay healthy, and get active! There are many ways for you, your kids, and your entire family to stop the trend and get fit. It’s important, when trying to stay in shape and stay healthy, to make small and manageable goals. Don't try to set a goal of going to the gym every single day if that is just not reasonable for you. Unrealistic goals will only make you frustrated when you realize that you still have to work or take care of kids and do a million other things. Instead, try to make a goal of getting ideally in forty minutes of cardio everyday and cutting out soda or any other type of unhealthy food or drink. If you find that you are able to complete these goals everyday, try adding something new. Take one small step at a time. Lets face it, some days it is just impossible to go to a gym. I, personally, don’t have the time, so a friend of mine sent me this 15 minute workout. Super easy AND you can do it at home. Link to a kick ass 15 minute workout ("JJ Virgin's 4x4 Workout") that can be done 1 or 2 times in a row. I set my phone on my stairs and and let it play... Make getting fit fun! Sports are a great way for kids to stay active and have fun with their friends! If your child isn’t into conventional sports, see if they might be interested in martial arts, dancing, or some family active time, like hikes or jump roping, or hoola hooping together. No matter what, remember that being fit, comes in many shapes and sizes, and the most important thing is to stay healthy, and support you and your family. Let us know how about your fitness goals and how you and your family are going to stay healthy and fight the trend towards obesity. Remember, when you’re out on a run or your child is off to a soccer game, sunscreen is key! Rub on some TruKid all natural sunscreen to ensure that your family is protected from the sun and safe from harmful chemicals.