Wine Tasting Head to the nearest or cutest wine bar for some relaxation, wine, and time with your significant other! If you don't have a significant other, grab your best friends and make a night out of it! Dinner...and Pub Crawl A romantic, candle light dinner is great for Valentine's Day and spending time together. However, make this Valentine's Day especially memorable and fun and go to a fun, local bar (or two). Relive the glory days and let loose with your partner! Dancing Go out and have fun! Listen to jazz or go swing dancing! Dress up in flapper outfits! Valentine's Day is a time to show love, and what better way than through some fun and flirty dancing on your night out! Comedy Show Get the good vibes going early on with dinner and a comedy show! It might not be the most conventional Valentine's date, but it sure would be a fun way to spend the night with who you love. Sail Away Check out your local area and what it has to offer!  You'd be surprised at the romantic boat and sailing cruises offered (depending on where you live) or the other fun and out of the box ideas you can bring up with your mate. Hot Air Balloon Seize the day! Bring wine and a picnic and spend the day overlooking all of your problems and all of those little things down below! Go Kayaking or Boating Get active! Go for a late afternoon boat ride or bike ride, and follow it up with a more romantic dinner and night out. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast You don't have to go far, but spending the night at a Bed and Breakfast or cute little inn can really be an exciting and fun way to spend Valentine's Day. Look for places to hike or explore nearby, or just sit back and relax! As you're making these plans, don't forget to book a babysitter early, so you're not scrambling to finalize plans!