kid covered in paint - smallAt TruKid, we know how important it is to nourish children’s creative side. With long summer days and no school, what better time than the present to dive into an easy, fun art project! Accompanied by easy instructions designed for kids, this craft is a great way to pass some time. And, you get a cool wall hanging out of it! Smiley, Sunny Days Though summer may be over, the sun is still out and it is important to remember to apply sunscreen every time you venture outside. Created with truly natural ingredients, TruKid SPF 30 sunscreen products protect everything from delicate baby skin to sensitive eczema skin. To help you remember, hang this fun craft by the door as a friendly reminder to put on sunscreen when you are heading out!search What You Will Need: - Large paper plate - Yellow, orange, and black construction paper - Yellow and black paint - Paint brush - Glue stick How To: 1) ** Ask your parents for help with the scissors! ** Cut out 11-12 triangles from the orange and yellow construction paper. Put a line of glue along the bottom of each triangle and stick them to the back edge of the paper plate so that the triangles stick out around the plate, like rays of sunlight! 2) Grab your yellow paint and use the paint brush to paint your white plate yellow. 3) ** Ask your parents for help with the scissors! ** Cut a sunglasses shape out of the black construction paper and use the glue stick to attach this to your plate. 4) Last but not least, use the black paint to paint a big smile on your sun. Hang this sun next to your front door. You can keep your sun happy by putting on TruKid sunscreen every time you see it as you head outside to play! After this fun craft, your little ones will likely be covered in paint and glue. Try TruKid’s truly natural Helping Hand Wash to gently cleanse those little hands! Have fun crafting!