girl in innertube - smallWhen the sun is high and hot on a mid-summer day, I’m sure your kids are begging for yet another pool day. The last thing you want to do is walk out the door without poolside essentials; but you also don’t want to take a half hour to pack. To help escape the frenzy of getting everyone ready and out of the house, we have created this handy Poolside Packing List, and TruKid sunscreen is at the very top! TruKid Sunny Days Daily Lotion and Face Stick These easy-to-apply, water resistant lotion and stick are the best on the market when it comes to a sunscreen that works and doesn’t make you worry about nasty chemicals. Lube up before you jump in the water, and don’t forget to reapply!suncare2 TruKid Happy Face & Body Lotion Even though our sunscreens are moisturizing, hours spent in chlorine and the sun can still leave skin feeling dry. Before you pack up to go home, rub a layer of this body lotion all over your little ones to keep their skin fresh. Swimsuits If your kids prefer to change into their suits at home, skip this one. Otherwise, pack them up so they can change upon arrival before jumping in. And if you little ones are picky, pack a few to avoid a poolside tantrum due to the wrong color or pattern on the swimsuit. Additionally, pack a sun-shirt to keep your kids burn free without having to wear as much sunscreen. Towels (if not provided at the pool) This one might be obvious, but it can often be overlooked! It’s helpful to set aside designated pool towels at the beginning of the summer so they don’t get mixed up with bath towels, and are ready to grab as you pack your bag. Clean underwear/diapers Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s not healthy for little bums to sit in wet underwear or diapers for extended periods of time. Pack a clean, dry pair of underwear or diaper for each kid to change into just before you get in the car (after applying TruBaby Diaper Rash Hero if needed!). Water (lots of it) People often forget, but swimming is a workout! You might sweat and simply not notice if because you are surrounded by water. So, it is key to hydrate. Bring plenty of water to keep you and your kids hydrated. Reusable, insulated water bottles work best! Snacks In addition to hydrating, your little ones will need to refuel throughout the day. Try to pack lunch or snacks that do well in heat and won’t melt (nuts, veggies, sandwiches). Or, pack a cooler that can keep smoothies, fruit, and cold sandwiches chilled. kids in arm floaties - smallSunglasses and a Hat Now these are for you. Whether you’re in the water or poolside, you should wear glasses and a hat to protect your eyes, face, and scalp from the sun. TruKid sunscreen has got your body covered, but sadly we don’t have products for your eyes. Magazine or Book If you finally catch a break when the lifeguard is on duty, relax! Pull out a magazine or book and enjoy some serenity before one of your kids comes asking for more snacks. Your Essentials: wallet, keys, phone Use an old zippered cosmetic bag to keep these important items safe and easy to find in your pool bag so you aren’t searching under wet towels for car keys on your way out.