Kids running out of school - smallAs much as we might hate to admit it, summer is drawing to a close and school is peeking around the corner. Whether you have an incoming kindergartner or a seasoned middle schooler, there are a few backpack essentials no student should be without. As you prepare your kids for the exciting year ahead, reference this list to ensure that nothing gets left behind in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school. The Basics First and foremost, any student needs at least three pencils, a pen, and a lined-paper notebook. Pencils have an uncanny tendency to disappear out of thin air, so it’s very important to start off the year with a few more than you need in the event that one or two mysteriously wander off. Other basics include folders or binders for keeping papers and homework neat, big erasers, and glue sticks. All of these supplies can be found at your local office supply store. Sunscreensuncare2 Between recesses, lunch time, P.E., and the occasional outdoors lesson, students end up spending a lot of time out in the sun. To ensure that this doesn’t lead to a painful sunburn, be sure to equip your child’s backpack with TruKid SPF 30 Sunny Days Daily Lotion and Face Stick. Free of chemicals and easy to apply, this water-resistant lotion is perfect for the rigor of school activities. Snacks Growing little boys and girls need a lot of food to get through a day full of learning. In addition to a nutritious lunch, pack your child a few snacks to munch on throughout the day or at recess. Easy snack ideas include fresh fruit, a bar, or veggies and dip. Planner Whether it’s used for planning play-dates or copying down homework assignments, getting your child a planner is a great way to help them learn organizational skills. Show them how to write out all the things they have to accomplish in any given day and cross them out as they are completed. Self-care: band aids, tissues, water bottle The best learners are the ones that take care of their bodies inside and out. One easy way to keep your child healthy is to pack him or her a water bottle to make staying hydrated simple. Additionally, pocket-sized tissue packets fit perfectly in the backpack to cover the occasional sneeze. In case of bumps or scratches, it’s a good idea to pack your child with a few band-aids. Depending on their age, remind them to ask an adult for help caring for the wound. Of course, there are a few things that are specific to younger students… kid covered in paint - smallA Change of Clothes Accidents happen. Whether the bathroom was a little too far away or an art project got out of hand, younger children often get dirty at school. Packing an extra change of clothes in the backpack provides a quick fix for these situations so that students can get back to the messiness of learning. With these backpack essentials, your little one’s school day will be that much easier!