How to Have an Easy Morning – One Star at a Time

Our founder and mom of six, Jennifer Adams Bunkers, knows that morning and night time preparations can be challenging for a tired little kid. From toys longing to be played with to a bed that’s calling your name, there are so many distractions from getting ready that steps are often accidentally skipped and a process that could take five minutes ends up taking 20. So Jennifer created these easy TruKid’s “Earn A Star” morning and night checklists to encourage her kids to get ready quickly and effectively! Not only will these checklist encourage your kids to complete crucial steps like brushing teeth and applying sunscreen, it also encourages behavior that will help your child grow into a kind and curious person, with prompts like “I learned something new today!” How to Use The first step in your journey to easy mornings and evenings is simply to print the morning and night checklists. Click on the images in this blog to open the checklists in a new window (also can be found on the kids activities page at Hang these in your kid’s room and find some bright, colorful markers that will make coloring in stars fun! Explain to your little ones that every time they accomplish something on the checklist, they get to color in the star in that section for that day. Enjoy your starry mornings and nights! Hey parents, a little incentive never hurts to seal the deal on your kid’s accomplishments! Try creating a simple reward system for the total stars earned at the end of the week so that your kids can cash in on, say, an ice cream cone or a new book at the library. You might see progress in just a few days! Earn a Star: Morning Earn a Star: Night