Nourish the Creative Mind Nothing is as vast, adventurous, and carefree as a child’s creative mind. In a single daydream, a kid might fly through space and befriend an alien, or sail the world collecting treasures. At TruKid, we feel it is important to nurture creativity and provide an outlet for the adventurous spirit. With this mission in mind, we have developed numerous “Create a Story” prompts to inspire children to write, draw, and think outside of the box. Writing of any kind helps children’s development immensely. The physical act of writingletters and simple words enhances a child’s ability to read. Further, writing is a great way to build a child’s language foundation and help them learn how to spell common words. Similarly, creative engagement positively impacts early brain development by encouraging the brain to make new connections in a process called synaptogenesis as the child is exposed to new methods of thinking. With all these great benefits, creative story telling is a great way for your kids to have fun and grow at the same time! What is a “Create a Story” Prompt? On the TruKid website, there is a page in the kid’s section called “Create a Story.” Here, you can find six graphics illustrating everything from soccer games to hot-air balloon adventures. Print these fun pictures out and give them to your kids. They can start by using them as coloring pages, and then they can write a story about the beautiful picture they have created. And perhaps, draw more pictures to follow their imaginary journey! If they aren’t sure where to start, try asking prompting questions such as “Where is the hot air balloon going?” or “Who is on the soccer teams?” Story Dice – Creativity with a Twist Aside from the fun story prompts, there are two dice templates on the “Create a Story” page, but these aren’t just any dice. They are vehicles of inspiration. One of the dice has small pictures on it, while the other has blank squares. If you want to use your own pictures, you can print this out and either draw or attach a printout of any image on each square. Once you have your dice, you’re ready for an exciting game of story dice! To play Story Dice, first cut out the dice templates and create your two dice. Then take turns rolling both dice and writing a short story about the two images that you get! When you are done, share your story with your game-mates, and if you want, post it on this blog to share it with us at TruKid! Happy creating!