Making good on our eco-friendly promise, the TruKid team has cooked up some awesome craft projects for you and your kids to enjoy while doing your part to create a healthier planet. Not only do we use completely biodegradable formulas that are free of environmentally harmful toxins as well as BPA-free plastics, but we’re also finding innovative ways to repurpose TruKid packaging and keep it out of landfills. Making these adorable office organizers is so simple! Here’s what you’ll need: • 1 TruKid bottle (Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, Bubbly Body Wash, Helping Hand Wash, Super Bubble Bath work best) - or any used bottle that you have • construction paper • ribbon • 1 Exacto knife • 1 pair of scissors • 1 permanent marker • scotch tape Instructions: 1. Unscrew the pump and wash out any remaining product from the TruKid bottle. 2. With your permanent marker, draw a horizontal line where the top of the bottle starts to curve. Use your exacto knife to cut along that line until you’re left with what looks like a cup. 3. Measure and cut a strip of construction paper both tall and long enough to wrap around the entire cup. Wrap the paper around the cup and tape into place. 4. Tie your ribbon around the cup and secure in place with tape.

Check back soon for more ideas about how to teach your children about environmentally-friendly practices while having tons of fun!