eco-fun-kids-activities-turn-your-used-trukid-bottles-into-a-piggy-bank-fronteco-fun-kids-activities-turn-your-used-trukid-bottles-into-a-piggy-bank-back We’re back with more fun and green craft projects for you to enjoy with your family! Don’t know what to do with those old TruKid bottles? Why not teach your children about the importance of reducing waste and saving money? Make your very own piggy bank in just 8 easy steps! Here’s what you’ll need: • 1 TruKid bottle (Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, Bubbly Body Wash, Helping Hand Wash, Super Bubble Bath work best) • 4 TruKid pumps • 2 googly eyes • 3 pipe cleaners • 1 pom-pom • Exacto knife • permanent market • hot glue gun Instructions: 1. Unscrew the pump and wash out any remaining TruKid product in the bottle. 2. Lay the bottle on its side and with your permanent marker draw a small rectangle big enough to put a coin in, but not so big that the coins might fall out. 3. Use your Exacto knife to cut out the rectangle. 4. Remove the green spring from the pumps. Flip the bottle over so the coin slot is facing away from you. Use your glue gun to glue 2 springs on near the top of the bottle (its front legs) and 2 springs near the base of the bottle (its hind legs.) 5. Bend 1 pipe cleaner into a spiral for the tail. Glue to the base of the bottle. 6. Bend the other 2 pipe cleaners into triangles for the ears. Glue near the top of the bottle. 7. Stick the pom-pom inside the neck of the bottle like a nose. 8. Glue the 2 googly eyes above the nose.