As a busy mom of 6, you can imagine making sure everyone does all that they need to do, day and night can be a challenge.

Right after the launch of TruKid years ago, I realized then, that creating and teaching daily healthy habits, is really an essential ongoing process. One does not create a habit in a day. So I created some simple, Daily and Night-time check-off lists to help kids to remember to do the simple daily tasks. Like brushing their teeth, putting on sunscreen, having fun, you get the idea. The kids actually “check-off” the task that gets done and then they can see and be reminded of what still needs to be done. At the end of the week, they get a Star if all the tasks are completed. earnaStar_morningearnaStar_night   Leave it to the parents to reward the success of checking off all the tasks. Some keep track and then reward the kids monthly with a new book or treat or visit to the library. But whatever helps your kids create and feel success. The purpose is to just teach them to do something new. Simple right? Well, nothing is that simple, of course, because creating a habit takes time. Apparently . . . a lot of time.