easy kids craft how to create olympic torch from used plastic bottles Can't get enough of olympic and want to recreate the opening ceremonies in your own living room? Create your own Olympic torch using an old TruKid bottle! Here’s what you’ll need: • 1 TruKid bottle (Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, Bubbly Body Wash, Helping Hand Wash, Super Bubble Bath work best) • orange tissue paper • ribbon • 1 Sharpie • 1 Exacto knife • wet glue Instructions: 1. Use or wash out any remaining product from your TruKid bottle. 2. Use the Exacto knife to cut the bottom of the bottle off, about ¼ of the way up the bottle. 3. Put a line of white glue on the inside of the bottle. 4. Crumple up your orange tissue paper to look like fire. Place it inside the bottle, using the glue to secure it. 5. Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to fit around the bottle’s circumference. Glue right below the opening you cut. 6. Using the Sharpie, draw the 5 Olympic rings below the ribbon.