Why should kids wash their faces?

2016-Friendly-face-washNew and Greatly Improved, TruKid Friendly Face Wash (unscented)   After many years of customer requests, we have finally brought back our Friendly Face Wash!  Not only that, but it is now better than ever with our new, super improved formula! From head to toe, our goal is to always provide your family with top of the line products that you can be confident in using. As the leading industry expert's in kids’ skincare, here at TruKid we realized that bringing back a pure and gentle face wash perfectly rounds out our full skincare regime. Gentle enough for everyday use, the Friendly Face Wash is a healthy way to care for your kids’ sensitive faces! This amazing product not only gently cleanses the face, it is specifically formulated for children, pH balanced, and dermatologist approved for the most sensitive skin! With the constant battle against skin sensitivity, why is it so important that kids wash their faces? Well… clean skin is happy skin and that goes for your kiddo’s beautiful face too. Every parent knows the importance of washing hands and regular bathing, but teaching our kids how to get in the habit of independently washing their faces is a huge step towards having healthy skin. Think of it like caring for your child’s teeth. In order to have healthy teeth and gums, kids need to be given the opportunity to understand how to brush and floss every single day. By giving our little ones the tools they need to care for their own hygiene, we set them up for a lifelong pattern of healthy living! Kids play hard, and at TruKid we understand that! Whether your kids are out playing with friends, sweating, rolling down hills, or playing sports in the mud, one thing is for sure - they know how to have fun! When you finally wrangle them inside for a shower or bath, most kids will typically wash their faces with just plain water. The problem is water does not remove the deep dirt, grime, and sweat of the day in a way that truly cleans their faces. Luckily, the TruKid Friendly Face Wash is the perfect solution for a deep down clean that will never irritate problem skin! The secret to our healthy skin products lies in our kid-friendly, natural blend of ingredients that include moisturizing chamomile, healing calendula flower, borage oil and soothing aloe. Expertly combined, these ingredients work together to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier while cleansing away dirt and debris. Kids want to do things for themselves, and with the TruKid Friendly Face Wash they can have that independence! Teaching kids to care for their faces is easy and fun with our advanced I- Can-Do pumps that always measure out the perfect amount of product. You never have to worry about artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals with TruKid products. Formulated to work with all skin types, our fragrance-free cream face wash is gentle enough for daily use and won’t dry out your child’s skin! For extra protection for problem skin, it is always best to follow up any face wash regime with a gentle moisturizer. TruKid recommends our natural citrus-scented Happy Face & Body Lotion or unscented Easy Eczema Cream, which is also fantastic for sensitive and extra dry skin! Always simply healthy and natural, the ingredients in all of our products are expertly combined with the needs of your children in mind to also effectively treat eczema, dryness, and dermatitis.  

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  Product Features:
  • Extra gentle for kids and our planet! Our products contain no harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances and are always made with safe, healthy ingredients.
  • Double the use and double the fun! TruKid Friendly Face Wash can also be used as a body wash and is perfect for kids with skin sensitivities!
  • Gentle cleansing that is tough on dirt! Kids play hard and TruKid Friendly Face Wash is ready to handle the effects of a long day of outdoor fun!
  • Pediatrician approved and dermatologist tested
  • Truly natural and certified non-toxic ingredients
  • Eczema safe and Human Repeated Insult Patch Tested (HRIPT) to ensure skin safety
  • Always gluten-, phthalate- and paraben free!
  • PETA Certified Animal Cruelty-Free
  • Biodegradable with 100% recyclable, BPA-free packaging