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Where, oh, where is my TruKid Sunscreen?????

This has been a fun and interesting few weeks. We were listed again on EWG as one of the best and safest sunscreens available. The most exciting part about this news is that our new SPORT Water Resistant and Unscented SPF30+ lotion also made the list. We thought we were prepared, but alas we were not. The news and high ratings sent customers in droves to our Amazon store and our own TruKid store. This fantastic increase in sales quickly ran us out of product. (Faster than we had anticipated) Then our wonderful manufacture of our proprietary sunscreen ran out of our new and safer preservative, causing a delay. Sad. TruKid is lucky to have such amazing and patient customers and supporters and are waiting for us to be back in stock next week. YEA! Next week, not only are we going to be in stock on our new SPORT sunscreen but also we are proud to announce that our regular Sunny Days SPF30+ lotion (and SPORT) no longer uses phenoxyethanol. We replaced this FDA food grade preservative with another one that is even safer than ever. And . . we will have our Summer Size 16 oz Family Size Sunscreens ready too! Next week will be a big week for us at TruKid. Thank you for being a part of the great TruKid Family. Warmest regards Jennifer, founder and mom of 6
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