First, I'm starting this blog off with a big thank you! Thank you to you for your awesome questions, comments and feedback in general! We love the open communication and the opportunity you have given us to serve you better. We want to answer as many questions as possible! Chances are if you have the question there are hundreds of other people out there with the same one and we want to address your concerns to the best of our ability! With that being said, we are going to respond to Stacy's comment from our "Z-Recommends Blog post" because we know there are a LOT of people wondering the same thing. Stacy's Comment was: Why do you and many other companies not make a bottle much bigger than this for sunscreen? I have 3 kids and we would use this small bottle of sunscreen up in a week or two. I also think it would be better for the environment if it came in a really big reusable pump bottle like you see for shampoo/lotion. This way I would not feel so bad throwing away so many plastic bottles all summer long Our Response: Hi Stacy, Thanks so much for your comment on the sizing of our sunscreen.  At this time, we're working on ways to get sunscreen to you in a larger size and better packaging, while keeping the price accessible to all.  Recently raw materials and shipping costs have increased significantly. To many of you this is not news. The TruKid team is made up of people with families (Our CEO has 6 kids!) and we too have felt the tightening of our budgets. Feel free to click here to check out an article about the increasing titanium prices. Here at TruKid, we truly want natural products to be available and accessible for all.  The current size allows the price to be $14.00 (which is actually a better value per oz than many other leading sunscreens-check out "Z-Recommends price analysis".)  We're looking into our options for offering a 6oz or 8oz bottle, and we're also considering making a large "refill".  We would love to know what people would like to see: 6oz, 8oz or refill?  What sounds good? We hope this helps and wish you all safe and happy, sunburn-FREE, rest of your summer! P.S. Please, please, please, recycle our bottles!!! They are all recyclable right down to the disc caps! Pump bottle caps are not recyclable because of the metal spring in them.  We are trying to minimize as much waste as possible! Sustaining the environment is a huge factor to us in all of our decisions we make concerning the future of our company.