At TruKid, we care deeply about keeping the ocean clean. That’s why all of our sunscreens are reef-safe, meaning that our truly natural products do not bleach or cause any harm to the reef and its ecosystem. On top of that, all our packaging is either recyclable, compostable, or dissolvable. To celebrate all that the ocean offers and the importance of ensuring that no trash ends up in the water, we are introducing Under the Sea art project, a fish collage that uses plastic bottle caps you can find in your home. It’s better that the plastic go towards art than into the trash! What You Will Need:th -Blue construction paper -Green construction paper -Green tissue paper -White paint -Dark marker -Colorful bottle caps -Glue -Small google eyes -Ocean/fish stickers (optional) How To: 1) Clench the green tissue papers one at a time in your fists and roll it between your hands until it looks like seaweed. Put a little glue on the bottom of the paper and then stick it to the bottom of your blue construction paper. 2) ** Ask your parents for help with the scissors! ** Cut a few small triangles out of the light blue construction paper and glue these to your blue construction paper. 3) Get bottle caps from bottles that have already been finished and glue a google eye on each cap. Draw a smile below each eye. Put glue around the caps edge and stick to the blue construction paper, touching the light blue triangles. 4) Stick the tip a finger in the white paint and touch the paper above each fish to make little bubbles. 5) If you have any fish stickers, feel free to add those. Otherwise, draw whatever you want in the background! Enjoy crafting!