Kids Running Towards Camera - SmallWith the school year in full swing, if you have children above age 5 there is a time of day they have come to treasure above all others – recess! It’s those special few minutes set aside to enjoy the fresh air, hang out with friends, and (best of all) play! For days when the swings are all taken and the play structure is too crowded, recommend these awesome tag games as an exciting way to pass the time. Banana Tag Your child probably knows that in regular tag there is one person who is “IT” and everyone else runs away from “IT.” But in Banana tag, everyone is “IT!” All the kids run around trying to tag each other while trying not to get tagged themselves. When you do get tagged, you sit down until the person who tagged you gets tagged – then you can get back up! The game ends when only one person is left standing. Freeze Tag Like traditional tag, Freeze tag has only one “IT.” When “IT” tags people, they are frozen and must remain completely unless another player runs in a circle around them, “unfreezing” them. The game ends when “IT” has frozen everyone. Candlestick TagCircle of kids faces - Small Candlestick tag also has only one “IT” but has another special player called the “Candle maker.” When “IT” tags you, you have to put your hands over your head and start slowly crouching down (or “melting”) until you are sitting on the ground. If the Candle maker tags you before you reach a sitting position, you are free to get back up! Otherwise, you’re out until the next round! If “IT” gets the Candle maker, they cannot tag themselves back in. The game goes until everyone – including the Candle maker – has melted. Tunnel Tag Tunnel tag also has only one “IT.” When “IT” tags you, you have to stand still with your legs apart, creating a “tunnel” between them. The only way you can re-enter the game is if another player crawls through your leg tunnel. Tunnel Tag is a game best played on grass or other softer surfaces so you don’t get any scraped knees! The game is over when everyone is standing with their legs open. Whether they’re melting like candles or building bridges, your little tag expert is definitely spending a good amount of time outside. When at school it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget that the sun is still shining. Pack your child with TruKid’s Sunny Days Sunscreen, so that the fun of recess doesn’t result in a sunburn! suncare2