TruKid is now fully engaged in the social media community. It was a long time in coming. In the beginning I did not realize how important social media was in relation to growing a company and becoming connected. I was able to bring on a fabulous gal that now helps us communicate and be involved in this new way of involving our customers. I now find it fun. I really like to see what everyone is up to, what they care about, what they are looking for, for their families. What I see is that social media is a platform or place where community is built and cared for. In that, we are hoping we can continue to create a place for moms, dads, families. A place everyone can come and collaborate, share ideas; suggest new products. We have such a wonderful network of moms who blog about our products, and our contests, which continue to share our goals of community and global sustainability. We had fun this last month with our Facebook contest tying to reach 5000 fans. It has been amazing to see our fans grow. The best part of this contest is that we are giving out months supply of TruKid to the winners and the referrers. So Everyone Wins! Well not everyone, but you get the idea. You may have noticed that we now have 2 other brands shown on our Blog and FB page. We are finally launching our TruBaby line this Spring. We understand that expecting moms are looking for products that are specifically made for baby and then moms of toddlers are looking for products for their growing children. Having brands that serve the specific needs of our customers no matter the life stage is our goal. So, with that, we will be rolling out our parent brand TruVillage. It will be the arms that hug and keep safe all of our growing brands. TruKid, TruBaby and TruBuddy (pet) and more. We recognize that social media is the best way to communicate changes in our company, new product launches and community outreach, contests and more. We look for feedback on how we are doing this and we hope you (our customers) will let us know how we can improve. For now, thank you for being a part of our TruKid community and supporting our little enterprise. I leave you with our mission statement: TruVillage: The trusted natural family brand committed to children’s health, product integrity, sustainability and the well being of our local and global communities. Jennifer Founder and mom of 6