One of my far reaching goals for Trukid/TruVillage is to encourage conversation with moms/women everywhere about our families, lives, challenges, successes and dreams. I love our moms that blog about us, our fans on FaceBook and Twitter, and how we are building community together. I have recently begun to spend some (a little bit) of my time exploring organizations that are engaged in really important work around the world. Women love to share and talk and listen and take action and we care greatly about the health of our families and future of our kids. From time to time I want to share about organizations that I come across, that are mobilizing women on a global scale. We too can be involved on a global scale. The world is a big place but even “hearing” just one voice, can often be the beginning of a difference in someone’s lives. One such organization is World Pulse. I was able to join the World Pulse Technology Conference at Stanford University earlier this month. It was wonderful to meet engaged and incredible women who have literally overcome all odds to be part of the internet age in their villages and have the chance to hear their stories. I was able to meet leaders like Martha, Beatrice and Sarvina, from Colombia, Uganda, and Cambodia. Check out: Women from remote villages with out easy access to technology, that have been able to make change in their communities by connecting with women in other similar villages. Such as re-teaching the value of girls and how important their education is. Seems odd that this would be a challenge doesn’t it? Girls in many countries are still not valued. World Pulse has a network of tens of thousands of women leaders speaking out from 185 countries, and are intently focused on building a stable foundation to scale up their work so that they can unite a critical mass of women and amplify them into a powerful force for change. In order to achieve this goal, they have developed a national network of partners and philanthropists who are fueling their expansion - including many unique men and women from all over the United States. I would love for all of you to have the chance to check this organization out. If you like what they are doing, share it. We all have something to give in support of World Pulse and our global community of women, even it is just listening or reading about them and sharing their stories. Women are dynamic forces in their communities, and are uniquely positioned to help transform the world. We need to turn the volume up on their voices, and provide them with the tools, training and encouragement they need to step into their full potential as tomorrow's leaders. Have a Great Week!! Jennifer Founder and mom of 6