Summer is almost here, and after a seemingly endless school year, kids are antsy for some fun in the sun! Families will soon be out enjoying beaches, pools, and tons of fun, sun-shine-anigans. Summer shopping isn’t limited to just swimsuits and towels though. Today’s parents are concerned about safeguarding their children from harmful UV exposure, and they’re stocking up on plenty of sun-protection. With these hot products from Splash Funwear, Seasons UV Swim & Active Wear, Baby Banz, TruKid, and Kiss My Face, parents can feel at ease while the kids safely enjoy those beautiful rays. Splash Funwear is the One in the Sun Splash Funwear Splash Funwear cover-ups cut the chill of the sea breeze and the harsh rays of summer sun. These one-of-a-kind beach and pool cover-ups are made out of 100% cotton plush velour terry cloth that is super luscious and thick for thirsty absorption and effective sun block protection. These fabulously cute cover-ups give wearers chemical-free, high SPF 50+ protection. Splash Funwear also offers cozy hoodies, capri’s, skirts, sundresses, pants, shirts, and color-coded accessories. The beachwear is over-sized for supreme comfort and a long-lasting fit that is roomy enough to survive several fun-filled summers, making every purchase economical as well as practical. Delightful patterns and prints are abundant, so each individual can easily find a look that lets his or her personality shine through. Splash Funwear beach attire is perfect for the entire family too, as sizes range from kids through adults. For more fair weather finds, visit Water Safety Includes Being SunSmart Seasons UV Swim & Active Wear Sunscreen lotion only goes so far to protect active kids through sunny days; it constantly needs to be reapplied, and is easily dis-empowered by perspiration, swimming and the all around active nature of kids. Sun damage is cumulative, and once the natural defenses against UV rays are gone, you can’t get them back. That is why parents are looking for alternative, powerful, and natural ways to protect their children’s skin from the risk of melanoma skin cancers. Seasons UV Swim & Active Wear SunSmarty apparel has a 50++ SPF and can be worn in and out of water and through all summer activities without causing overheating or water logging, making it the ideal option for protecting young delicate skin from damage on a daily basis. Bright, cheerful colors and prints, coupled with a sleek, “move with me” fabric, ensure optimal comfort and the ability to keep up with even the most active antics of babes through tweens. For the best in sunny protection, apply these products to your seasonal must-haves at Baby Banz are Made for the Summer Shade Baby Banz Never again will parents have to seek elusive shade in the heat of summer to protect tiny eyes and faces. Baby Banz has got them covered with unique bucket hats that were originally designed in Australia to protect tender skin in one of the world’s most challenging UV environments. Baby Banz hats are clinically held to Australian standards for fabric UV protection with an impressive UPF rating of 50+. Fully adjustable to fit a broad range of little noggins, Baby Banz Bucket Hats are available in a beautiful spectrum of colors designed to keep little ones safe from the sun, while looking their best! Baby Banz is committed to providing children with the best UV protective gear on the market, ranging from swimwear to sunglasses to super cute hats that offer iron-clad protection, while being fun to wear and strong enough to go the distance that children demand. For all the best shady deals from down under, get up to the sunny delights at TruKid is Sunscreen for the Summer Scene TruKid Parents know how hard it can be to remember all the details required for safe summer fun. That’s why TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30+ Natural Sunscreen is now available in a handy take along 3.5 oz tube that fits perfectly in a purse, back pack or diaper bag, for never-forget-use, no matter how many activities the day has in store. Easy to apply, non-greasy, and chemical free, this all-natural mineral based sunscreen is water resistant and protects from both UVA/UVB rays when applied every 80 minutes, offering easy and reliable sun protection throughout the day that even young children can apply without help. Its great for the entire family, and is made with the highest quality ingredients, including Zinc Oxide, Aloe, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Pomegranate Juice. Consider the counter intelligence of summer products at Kiss My Face Offers Pucker Power Protection for Lips Kiss My Face A young child’s naturally rosy lip color is due to delicate thin skin, which enhances the luminescent quality. However, this beautiful skin is also highly susceptible to sun and wind damage, which is why it is so important to protect those little pouty rosebuds with the enriching nourishment of Kiss My Face SPF 30 sport lip balm and other organic balms. Specially formulated to protect the sensitive lips of children from the harsh elements of sun, wind and summer conditions, Kiss My Face lip balms are the perfect ingredient for lip smacking smiles, in super fruity delicious flavors that appeal to both boys and girls. Each lip balm is available for the retail price of $3.49. For more information to enhance your store’s own lip service, visit www.kissmyface.com