by Kyle Carlson

For many, a bath with warm water and a few bubbles here and there will suffice, but for children, this may not always be the case. Unknown to a large portion of adults, there is a world of fun bath activities that children love as they spend their tub time exploring their own sponge aquarium, racing watermelon boats, and, of course, covering themselves in bubbles. Who knows, they may even beg for bath time after you implement a few of these easy and entertaining activities.

We’ll start with the simpler options, and work our way to the more complex bath ideas; however, none of these suggestions require more than a few minutes to prepare.

  1. Our first activity is as easy as they come: take a few items from the kitchen and throw them right on in with the suds and bubbles. Your kids will love exploring the different flows of water through the different objects such as strainers, funnels, and bowls.

  2. A bubble mohawk competition is another exciting game that children can’t resist, and makes washing your child’s hair a breeze. Thanks to Trukid’s Bath Blasts, your tub can fill up with a mountain of bubbles, the perfect ingredient for your kids’ new bubbly hairdos. For extra fun, they can try to create many different hairstyles at their bathtub salon!

  3. Number three on our fun filled list imitates the ball pits you see at playhouses and other jungle gyms, but it has a bath time twist. Instead of a plastic ball pit, you can create your own noodle ring arena! Simply cut up pool noodles into little floating rings for your youngster to splash around in. They will love the array of colors that add to their bath time fun!

  4. Everyone knows that balloons can be a fan favorite for many children, so add a little fun to their bath by putting some in their bubbly tub. A fun bonus is to fill some with air, and others with water, so no  t only does your child enjoy the new décor, but they also get a little science lesson about floatation!

  5. Some kids love to go to the aquarium, but now you can bring the aquarium to them! Cutting up sponges into little fish, sharks, and octopuses can create the perfect aquarium at home. Your little sea explorer can exercise their wild imagination to feel like they’re in the ocean among their new underwater friends.

  6. Water beads are usually found in floral displays, but they can also make bath time very exciting. They are little squishy beads and your children will love picking them up, learning about the texture, and feeling the squishy sensation between their toes and fingers. However, although children in the bath should always be supervised, this activity requires a watchful eye to make sure your youngster doesn’t swallow the beads. This may not be the activity for kids who have a tendency put things in their mouths.

  7. Adding colored ice cubs in your child’s tub is an easy and fun activity that allows kids to enjoy a combination of colors. For added fun, you can freeze some of their small toys and they can watch them thaw in the tub while learning about the effects of temperature.

  8. If you have kids who just can’t put their favorite doll down, this it the activity for you! Let the dolls cruise in the tub in their hot new bottle boats! Lay two bottles on their side and attach them together with a rubber band and colored tape. Cut a hole in each of the bottles that is big enough for the dolls to fit (a craft knife seems to work best). Help the passengers aboard ship by placing them in the holes and let them take off!

  9. Let your child put on a show with a waterproof finger puppet performance! After washing a pair of rubber gloves, cut off the fingers and bring the stars to life by drawing on silly faces with a permanent marker. Your kid will love creating fun characters and putting on shows in the bubbly theater.

  10. Last, but certain not least comes the watermelon boats. Clean out watermelon halves and create a sail with a wooden skewer and paper flag. Your children can play and race their new fancy boats and will love their new bath time toy!

Enjoy all of these fun and easy activities!