By Anna Hawkins

Let’s go to TruKid Town! Right now, you might be wondering what on Earth TruKid Town is. Well, TruKid Town is quite possibly the epitome of my childhood and the inspiration for my ambitions to become a CEO. TruKid Town all started in the year 2008 when I was in the fifth grade. I spent much of my afternoons at the Bunker household, where I played games with the Bunker children – Freddy, Piper, Georgia, Haley, and Rowan. The six of us often ran through the usual array of games pretty quickly. We played tag, house, Barbie’s, and ball, but were quickly bored by the repetition of these childhood games. Soon, after Jennifer inspired us with her creation of TruKid, we also felt the ambition to create a successful company and run it all by ourselves. This was the birth of TruKid Town. Because I was the oldest, I automatically received the role of President, with which I then instated Haley as Vice President, Freddy as Treasurer, Georgia as Assistant to the President, Rowan as the Director of Security, and Piper as our loyal and dedicated customer. As the afternoons went on, we soon discovered that TruKid Town might be the best thing ever. It gave us the opportunity to use real product, which we would then market and sell. We created fake bank accounts with fake checks and fake value, but despite the falseness of their nature, these devices were eternally real to us and allowed us the opportunity to gain experience managing money. TruKid Town is most definitely a highlight of my childhood and the source of inspiration in my desires to climb the ladder of success and hopefully start a business of my own one day.

TruKid Town Board of Directors:


 Anna Hawkins


Hales Haley Bunkers

Vice President

freddy Freddy Bunkers


georgia Georgia Bunkers

Assistant to the President


Rowan Bunkers

Head of Security


Piper Bunkers

#1 Customer