#TBT= Throw Back Thursday For those of you with Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, or children who are highly engaged with social media, you may have seen this hash tag. Now trending, #tbt, also known as "throw back thursday,"  allows people to bring things from their past to the forefront--as hilarious or as embarrassing as that may be. In light of today being a Thursday, I'm calling all of you to take a look back to your past. Take it all the way back to the days of jamming out to Bob Dylan, or the shockingly big hair you rocked, and the days where your outfits contained a little too much spandex. Now, think about what sunscreen you were using, or perhaps, what sunscreen you weren't using. Times have changed since the days of lathering up with baby oil. What?...Yes, you know you did this! As Cancer came to the forefront of the news, people began realizing that carcinogens were all around (and on) us, with harmful chemicals being utilized as main ingredients in our sunscreens and other common household items. Bringing it back all the way to today, 2013, it's crazy to think how far we have come. Not everything has changed though. Many companies still cling to the past, as unhealthy and dangerous as that may be. Now, think to the future, to twenty years from now. Will you be shocked at the sunscreen you wore or the sunscreen you lathered on your children? TruKid recognizes the need to be progressive, and the need to protect yourself and those you love. That's why we won't be the "baby oil" of 2013. We hope to be the sunscreen that you're still loving and depending on twenty years from now. Timeless, healthy, reliable. And we're not the only ones who think so! TruKid is an essential winner in the Red Tricycle's 2012 Totally Awesome Contest, winning the award for "Stoutest Sunscreens and Lotions!" Join in the progressive trend towards healthier living with TruKid products!