Want your kid to excel? We’ve brainstormed some great activities to try with your kids at any age! Here at TruKid, we believe it’s important for kids (and parents) to try new things and expand their horizons! Helping kids develop and refine social skills, give back to the community, make new friends, gain leadership skills, and, scary as it might sound, prep for college! These fun and helpful organizations can be great for kids of all ages, and give you some rest time during the day! *4-H/ National Future Farmers of America For those of you who haven’t heard of 4-H, these clubs provide a great opportunity for kids to experience leadership positions and meet other kids of a wide range! Very affordable and fun, 4-H teach kids a wide range of skills (which vary in the different clubs) from sewing to cooking to rocketry to biking, and even raising your own animal!  (Our Founders kids’ participate in 4-H and raise animals and enter homemade jams into the local County Fairs). *Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts provide an excellent chance for kids, from first grade (Cub Scouts & Brownies) all the way up to the end of high school, to learn important values of friendship, service, and learning. It provides opportunities for your kids to go on fun field trips, learn survival skills, and make a wide array of friends! And it looks great on applications! Snow camping anyone? *National Charity League National Charity League is a mother-daughter organization focused on serving the community. Girls can join in the sixth grade, and explore the world of service, bonding with other girls in the community as well as with their moms! But it’s more than just service; there are tea parties, fashion shows, and bonding events, as well as learning the importance of helping those in need. *Sports Whatever you’re interested in, whether it be dance, martial arts, gymnastics, rugby, swimming, soccer, or cheerleading, there is such a wide variety of different sports to choose from! Sports are fantastic for giving children a chance to learn the importance of teamwork, friends, dedication, practice, and fun! And a great way for you to meet other parents, as well!  It also helps kids strengthen coordination and self-confidence. *Religious Group No matter what your religion (if you have one), religious groups are offered all over and provide children another opportunity to meet people and learn about different cultures and religions!  *Academic Clubs Chess club, mathletes, or debate anyone? Don’t be fooled by the reputation they hold in movies, these clubs are fun, and provide a great chance for kids to get some extra learning hours in! They look great on any application and are a wonderful opportunity for your child to excel!  *Music/Art/Performing Groups Drama, theater, choir, ceramics, painting—whatever the medium, these groups can be cathartic, therapeutic, and a great way for your child to learn how to express themselves! Your child can meet wonderful new people, learn critical skills, and explore the arts. Not to mention the awesome shows you and your family will get to attend J  *Service/Volunteering Clubs Whether you choose to join an actual service club or just volunteer on your own, service and giving back to the community is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow as an individual and learn about yourself and the world. Service offers unparalleled opportunities and benefits for the individual and the community. Other service opportunities you may not have considered are: “green” environmental volunteering; volunteering abroad; tutoring; etc.   Dabble in a bunch of different activities and groups and see which ones you and your kids love and reap the benefits of friends, fun, growth, and skill that your child may gain!   My kids participate in Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Art, 4-H raising animals and cooking, National Charity League, Christian Ministries, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and school leadership.   We love the opportunities to meet such interesting people from varied and interesting backgrounds. Sometimes we get a little too busy and need a rest but then we all get back at it again.   Have a wonderful week! Jennifer, founder and mom of 6.