TruKid cares deeply about the earth, which is why all of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable, or dissolvable. These three processes aren’t the only way to dispose of empty TruKid products in an earth friendly way. You can also turn to crafting! When finished with any of our bottled products, such as your Friendly Face wash, Helping Hand Wash, Bubbly Bath Body and Hair Wash, Silly Shampoo, Cool Conditioner, or Dancing Detangler, try out one of these projects to re-purpose your bottle in a fun way. These are all great projects for parent and child to work together! Setting Sail Did you know that your TruKid bottle can double as a sail boat?! After completing this project, your bottle will be a fun bath toy! What You Will Need: -empty TruKid or TruBaby bottle -hot glue gun -scissors How To: 1) Start by removing the cap from your bottle, rinsing the container out, and drying it off. 2) Peel off the label and fold it diagonally from top corner to bottom so that it makes a triangle shape. Set this aside, you will need it later. 3) Cut the bottle in half down the side using strong scissors (mom or dad, this is your part!). 4) Time to pull out the glue gun! Take the cap and pump from the bottle and glue it to the bottom of one of the bottle halves so that, if the open side of the bottle half is facing up, the pump and cap sticks straight up. 5) Glue the bottom of the other bottle half to the first bottle half, with the pump and cap stuck between them. Reference the image for a visual if this is confusing! 6) Finally, make a line of glue down the side of the pump, stick the folded label to the glue, wait for it to dry, and you have a little boat, perfect for bath time play! Flower vase Young gardeners will love this craft! After completing this personalized vase, you can put a few pretty flowers in to spruce up any room! What You Will Need: -empty TruKid or TruBaby bottle -paints -paint brush How To: 1) Start by removing the cap and pump from your bottle and rinsing the container out. 2) Pull out your favorite paints and add designs to the sides of your bottle. Perhaps some flowers or butterflies? 3) When you are done decorating, all you have to do is add water, clip a few flowers from your garden (with parent’s permission!), and place them in your beautiful vase! Pink Piggy Bank What You Will Need: -x-acto blade (parents definitely need to help out with this one) -empty TruKid or TruBaby bottle -construction paper -pink paint -2 corks -black marker -hot glue gun How To: 1) Start by removing the cap and pump from your bottle. Rinse the bottle and dry thoroughly. 2) Cut out a circle of construction paper a little larger than the opening of the bottle and use hot-glue or strong tape to attach the paper to your bottle’s opening. 3) Cut two rounded triangles out of construction paper and glue them to the top edge of the bottle. 4) Now very carefully use your x-acto blade to cut a 1.5 in. by .5 in. rectangle on the top side of your bottle (parents this is your part!). 5) Next, find two corkscrews and cut them in half to use as four legs for your little pig. Use the hot-glue gun to attach the legs to the bottle on the opposite side of the rectangular opening. 6) Pull out some pink paint (or whatever color you prefer) and paint the entire contraption. 7) For finishing touches, draw two black circles on the construction paper over the bottles opening to create nostrils and draw, point, or attach google eyes above the snout. Have fun saving! With these fun projects, you can enjoy TruKid products even after you are done using them! Be safe, get creative, and reuse all at once. When you are done with your project, comment a picture of your awesome creation!