shutterstock_94700359 - smallSummer has finally arrived, with longer, sunnier days that are perfect for fun family outings! From beach days to camping trips, excitement is at your fingertips. But if you’re unsure of how to dive into the fun, try these five activities sure to engage the whole family. Picnic in the Park On a nice summer day, what could be better than relaxing on a blanket, playing games, and snacking on healthy treats? Easy to organize, a picnic at your local park promises something special for every member of the family. If you live in a windy area, younger children love the thrill of flying a kite, especially if it features a fun shape or caricature. Who doesn’t want to see Winnie the Pooh soaring through the air? You can also bring along a few balls or a Frisbee and start a game of pass or a parents-against-kids scrimmage. A simple game of tag can be equally exciting. For the more creative members of the family, pack a camera or colored pencils and a notebook to capture the moment. After all that fun, just sitting back and relaxing on a blanket is the perfect way to wind down the day. The Beach-y Kind of Fun Nothing completes the quintessential summer experience like a trip to the beach. Try these fun activities to spice up the excursion! You’ve probably heard of a snowman before, but have you ever seen a snowmansandman? Use moist sand from the water’s edge to fashion three balls of sand increasing in size. Place the largest ball on the ground, then the medium on top of that, and finally the smallest ball. Top off this masterpiece with pebbles for eyes and a mouth, and driftwood for arms and a nose. If that sounds like fun, try branching out to make sand-sculptures of favorite animals. Or, while you go for a walk down the beach, set up a beach scavenger hunt for your kids to keep them occupied on the stroll. Do any of your kids envy the Little Mermaid? Sit them down and cover their legs with sand. With some sculpting and detail work, you’ve now got a mer-child! Backyard Camping Whether you can dedicate a night or a week of the summer, camping can be all kinds of fun, and a learning experience as well. If you have a jam-packed schedule, try backyard camping. Low on stress but high on fun, and all within an easy distance to clean bathrooms and a full fridge, it’s the perfect alternative to a more extensive trip. You can start by teaching the kids how to set up a tent in the yard. If you have a grill, fire up some hot dogs and hamburgers. No camping trip is complete without s’mores. Again, if you have a grill, roast away! Otherwise, pre-heat the oven to 425 ºF. Lay gram crackers on a baking sheet with a small piece of chocolate and a marshmallow on each. Place in the oven for 5 minutes. Once you have your s’mores, set up a few chairs and enjoy while you sing a few camp songs! If you are intrigued by the starry night sky and want to learn more, download Star Chart by Escape Velocity Limited for free from iTunes. Simply point your phone at the sky, and this amazing app will outline the constellations and major stars/planets in front of you. Additionally, Star Chart features constellation art work and information about different constellations! Twisted TrailsHiking father child autumn trail woods Looking for a fun way to exercise with your family this summer? Try going for a bike ride or a hike. Click here to research trails in your area. Not only are these good ways to stay in shape, they also get you and your family out in nature. Before you head out, research plants native to your area and see if you can spot any while out on the trails. Take a break in the middle of your ride or hike to look at the nature around you and maybe take some pictures. Festival Fun To help you celebrate the warm season, many counties or states organize festivals or fairs. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a day of tasty food, rides, performances, booths, and more! Look up summer festivals in your area to learn specifics. These five activities are simply a starting point. Get creative, brainstorm with the whole family, be open to trying new things, and most importantly, have some great experiences this summer! But while you are out and about, enjoying the great weather and free time, it is important to make sure that you are protecting your skin. Many summer activities (like the ones mentioned above) require many hours spent outdoors. So while you are basking in the sun, remember these tips for sun-safety:
  • Wear a hat! It shades your face, doesn’t get in the way, and prevents sunburn.
  • Put on your sunglasses! Aside from being a fashionable accessory, sunglasses help protect your delicate eyes from the sun.
  • Hang out in the shade. When you don’t need to be in the sun, don’t be!
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! We cannot stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen and reapply regularly anytime you are in the sun! With all natural ingredients, no chemicals, and a formula for sensitive skin, TruKid’s SPF 30 sunscreens are perfect for the whole family! The unscented TruKid Eczema Daily Sunscreen can protect your child’s fragile skin while hopefully avoiding an uncomfortable eczema flare-up. For your little sports star, try TruKid Sunny Days Sport Sunscreen to provide protection from the field to the water. As your baby begins to explore the great outdoors with you, lather him or her up with TruBaby Water and Play Sunscreen. When looking for everyday protection you can trust, try our Sunny Days Daily Sunscreen with a fresh citrus scent and truly natural protection. Whichever TruKid products you decide on, feel confident that you are protecting your kid’s sensitive skin with natural, safe ingredients.sun-care-2016