There are few things in this world more adorable than seeing a young child grinning with a face full of freckles. Throughout the course of history, freckles have been seen as a characteristic that is considered beautiful and unique. However, with the growing concern of sun damage and risks of too much sun for children, is it possible that freckles can be a sign of skin damage?  According to science, the answer is not just a simple yes or no! How Freckles Form Everyone has pigment in their skin produced by cells called melanocytes. This pigment, called melanin, protects us from the effects of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and is responsible for the varying shades of skin color around the world. Have you ever noticed how some people can spend time outdoors in the summer and end up with a nice, even tan while others instantly burn or get freckles? That’s due to the distribution of melanin within your skin cells! When melanocytes are distributed unevenly within the skin due to genetics, certain areas of the body tend collect a higher deposit of the pigment. When exposed to the sun, these areas tan much quicker than other parts of the skin resulting in, you guessed it – freckles! So, are freckles actually caused by too much sun?  Again, yes and no.  Those with a genetic predisposition to freckles will find they appear with almost any sun exposure, as the UV-B rays trigger the melanocytes that increase production of melanin, causing freckles to become darker and more visible.  This is why freckles are almost never seen on infants or very young children.  So the genetic component, plus any sun exposure, make freckles more numerous and noticeable. Can Freckles be Prevented? As adorable as a freckled child is, people with a tendency towards freckles can be self-conscious and wonder if it is possible to reduce their appearance. Since freckles darken as a result of sun exposure, properly protecting yourself and your children from the sun’s rays can reduce their dark appearance and protect the skin from further damage. And since freckles are most often seen in fair skin, and are the display of uneven distribution of protective melanin, kids with freckles have a higher chance of getting a sunburn when out in the sun.  There is also evidence to support that those with freckles have an increased risk of developing skin cancer at a later age. So, how can you protect your children’s sensitive and freckled skin from being damaged by the summer sun? The answer? TruKid’s award-winning line of sunscreen products! The TruKid Sunscreen – Truly Natural Protection At TruKid we believe that all of the products you use on your children’s skin should consist of truly natural ingredients – without any harsh chemicals.   Many so-called ‘natural’ sunscreens are anything but!  In addition to a few natural ingredients, they also use chemical UV absorbers that must interact with the skin’s cells to provide protection.  TruKid sunscreens have no chemical UV absorbers – the broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection comes completely from non-nano mineral protection for a healthier, truly natural option. With a variety of sunscreen products available to suit all of your family’s needs, you don’t have to worry about spending the summer playing outdoors! Some of the advantages of using TruKid products for sun protection include:
  • Highly rated on EWG and voted “Most Awesome Sunscreen” by Red Tricycle!
  • Non-nano 100% mineral sunscreen – no chemical UV absorbers
  • Unscented or fresh citrus scent that kids love
  • Light, easy to apply texture
  • No ‘ghosting’ or balling up
  • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection
  • Sustainability sourced zinc
  • Reef friendly and biodegradable
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Truly natural, eczema-safe, and non-toxic
  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist Tested
  • Gluten-, phthalate- and paraben-free
  • PETA Certified Animal Cruelty-Free
When it comes to kids’ skincare, nobody does it better than the experts at TruKid! With natural ingredients, eczema-safe certifications, and award-winning products, you can feel comfortable knowing that your freckled child will be protected while enjoying the summer sun!