We recently wrote a blog on the correct way to apply sunscreen. Today we came across an article that is a great resource for telling us exactly how much sunscreen we should use with each application! It is called the "rule of 9's". If you think of your body as being split up into 11 sections and each section equals 9% of your body surface area you should apply at least TWO fingers worth of sunscreen onto each section. That means the length and width's worth of two fingers for each of your 11 sections to be fully protected for your day in the sun. We took the following chart directly from the University of Washington's page to show you exactly how this is divided up!
  • Head, neck and face = 9%
  • Left arm = 9%
  • Right arm = 9%
  • Upper back = 9%
  • Lower back = 9%
  • Upper front torso = 9%
  • Lower front torso = 9%
  • Right upper leg and thigh = 9%
  • Left upper leg and thigh = 9%
  • Right lower leg and foot = 9%
  • Left lower leg and foot = 9%
For more information, you can visit the site where we found this excellent information. Have a wonderfully Sunny day!