Pretty date outfit: check; favorite shoes: check, makeup: check, reservations: check, kids' school valentines cards?!?: oops. But don't fret if you forgot that your loved one still needs to make a large amount of Valentine's for his or her classmates! TruKid has come up with a list of simple and easy ideas for Valentine's goodies! 1. Baked Goods Pop in a few trays of cookies or brownies, wrap in saran wrap and a bow with a card, and voila! Now you have treats for the class, and a little left over for all of your hard work :) Directions: Find baking book or baking directions online. Buy ingredients. Prepare dough. Bake as directed. Decorate if you want! Wrap the individual cookies. Note: Be cautious of common allergens, especially nuts. 2. Paper and a Pen Cut out shapes using colored paper and scissors. Stars, circles, hearts, diamonds, and so on! Then, in whatever print your child favors, take a minute to write each kids' name and a nice note or adjective about them. You know what they say...the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Directions: Gather paper, scissors (be careful!), and markers/pens. Write notes for kids.   3. Stickers Galore Get a small piece of paper for each kid and decorate it with those cute stickers that you have had for the past five months! His or her classmates will love the cute and fun stickers. Directions: Get paper, pens, and stickers. Stick on fun stickers and write kids' names.   Hope this helps! And keep an eye out for more Valentine's Craft Ideas to come!