This Spring, TruKid is encouraging you to take action and go out and seize the day! With the beautiful weather ahead these next few months, pack up a picnic basket and a backpack and head out to your favorite park, local area, or better yet—try somewhere new!

Picnics are an amazing chance for you and all of your loved ones, no matter their age, to spend time together outside and have a blast! It can be led into by a hike, or a scenic drive, or just a walk down the road from your house! It can be fun and sporty with family football or Frisbee or relaxing with some nice music, crafts, and your favorite, can’t-put-it-down novel. No matter how you plan on spending your picnic, these five things are your staple necessities!
  1. 1.    Sunscreen
Didn’t see that one coming? It may be a thing that you know you should bring, but we here at TruKid just want to make sure that you actually do bring it and use it!! Hours outside is a great way to spend the day, but followed up by hours at home with an unhappy, sunburnt family is not so fun. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you leave and reapply every few hours! If you want extra sun protection (always a good idea!) bring along some hats and sunglasses!
  1. 2.    Blankets
Yes, they are bulky to pack sometimes, but they can be such a game changer when out on a picnic! Keep a little barrier between you, your food, and your skin and the dirt or grass below you. Blankets are a great way to increase comfort and happiness on your picnic and to make sure no one gets a rash from grass or any dirt in your picnic basket! If any of you do get a grass rash (a common allergy symptom), make sure to soothe and relieve the itch with the TruKid Hero Stick!
  1. 3.    Snacks
An integral part of the picnic!! Bring along some healthy, homemade sandwiches, cut up vegetables or fruit, and whatever other snacks you want—and yes, a few cookies here and there are always a fun addition to a picnic! Just remember—everything in moderation! Pack it in a fun and cute picnic basket to make the day that much more memorable!
  1. 4.    Supplies
Whether it be your new novel, art supplies for your youngsters, board games, cards, a Frisbee, or a football, make sure you bring some activity supplies (variety is key!) to keep everyone happy and busy! It’s important to spend some time doing things all together, so start up a fun game that everyone can join in on! You can even make bets on who the winners will be and play for chores J What better way to create some friendly competition than the idea of no dishes for a week?
  1. 5.    Loved ones!
The ultimate necessity for a picnic! Although solo picnics are relaxing and fun every now and again, the key to a great picnic is sharing it with the people you love most! So gather your friends, gather your family, or whoever you want to spend the day with and let the fun times commence!   For great picnic places, ask friends in your local area or make a trip out to your local park or hiking area!