We all love the idea of kids running around outside biking, swimming and playing - anything that takes them away from the digital world. But wait.

As moms we hit a hard squealing stop at the front door when we think of harmful sun rays touching our child’s skin. Not to worry though! A great way to help prevent a horrible sunburn is to use a good sunscreen stick. In this article we are breaking down all the benefits of using sunscreen sticks!

Why Use a Sunscreen Stick?

There is no particular scientific benefit to using a stick over a lotion, but there are some very definite functional benefits to using the sunscreen stick over a lotion. Savvy moms realize that sticks are better because they are - FUN. Kids associate the sunscreen stick with face paint, crayons or even makeup - and that makes using the stick fun.

The Advantages for Moms

Now that’s all and good, but there are also a few other good reasons for using a sunscreen stick instead of a lotion. The best reason to use a stick is you won’t hear the kids complaining. This type of sunscreen goes where you want, it doesn’t drip down into the eyes, and it offers specific protection for problem areas such as cheeks, nose, lips, shoulders.

Still aren’t sure? Here are a few more advantages we can think of:

  • Easy to apply
  • Goes where you want it
  • Easy application for hard to reach places
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Doesn’t spill
  • Child can do it themselves
  • No drip or mess

Kids Like Sunscreen Sticks

You know that getting your kids to do anything they don’t like to do is tough. It can be almost impossible to get them to brush their teeth, brush their hair, was their face - and now, put on normal sunscreen. So why make it more difficult.  A sunscreen stick makes it easy and fun.

Protect Lips, Nose and Eyes

Be sure to protect sensitive facial areas such as the lips, nose and eyes. You can apply a coating of sunscreen stick on these areas that burn easily. To further protect your child's eyes by getting them a pair of good sunglasses.

Promote a Healthy Habit

Putting on sunscreen is a great healthy habit you and your kids should learn to stick with. Even on cloudy days 70% of sun’s rays get through, which means your kids could end up with a sunburn, even if all they did was go for a walk. And the higher the altitude you’re at, the worse it gets. There is a 4% increase with every additional 1000 feet of elevation. So hiking in the mountains offers more sun exposure than basking at the beach.

Make applying a sunscreen stick a daily ritual in your home. As much of a habit as washing their face or brushing their teeth. With the easy convenience of a stick they can do it all by themselves. 

The Seasons Don’t Matter

It’s not just summer when sunburn happens, show up at any ski resort on a sunny day and you’ll see people faces burned to a crisp. A great rule of thumb is, no matter the season, if the sun is out, your sunscreen stick should go on.

    What To Look For In A Sunscreen Stick

    Here are a few things to look for in a daily sunscreen stick.

    • Use a sunscreen stick with an SPF of 15 or higher. Fair-skinned children, blonds and redheads need a SPF of 30.
    • Put sunscreen on 30 minutes before exposure so it can penetrate the skin. Give special attention to the areas most likely to become sunburned like the nose, ears, cheeks, and shoulders.
    • Reapply every 3 to 4 hours. Often while swimming or sweating a lot.

    It Is Really All About Prevention

    Prevention is always the best defense. Start with a sunscreen stick and stick with it everyday, no matter the season but especially in summer an at high elevations. Now, that you know how to protect them, send them out for some fun in the sun!