129696_trukid_hp_2015_0515_cch2_1431605901At TruKid, we create products that encourage a child’s self-sufficiency, independence, and healthy habits, thereby making parents’ lives easier. But, most importantly, we care about children’s skin so much so that we’ve become the experts on kids’ skin. While there are many articles about the difference between baby and adult skin, toddlers and kids are extremely overlooked. Kids are an underserved population when it comes to skincare. Stores are stocked with natural, organic baby care products, but most lack products for the needs of children. TruKid focuses on kids and creates products with them in mind. Baby’s skin is rigorously and carefully looked after. Babies and their skin are fragile, and new parents want to protect their brand new skin.  As babies grow into kids, their changing skin needs are often overlooked. This leads to a plethora of baby products, but not very many that are kid-friendly. Parents usually resort to using their own skin care products on their children because they’re easily accessible. What parents may not know is a child’s skin is much different from theirs, and that adult products are not always appropriate for use on children’s skin. While adult skin is developed and mature, your child’s skin is still young, fragile, and developing, and it loses hydration faster than adult skin. As adults we look for products that serve our specific skincare needs (wrinkles, sun spots, etc.) and these formulations are generally not suitable for young, sensitive skin. Kids can also communicate their likes and dislikes – what smells good, what doesn’t sting, etc. xmas girl mom and dog Even though kids can safely use baby products, what 8 year-old wants to use something marked “baby,” or smells like a baby product, when they are routinely told that they are a “big kid?” TruKid specifically tailors its products to kids with fresh citrus scents, easy to apply textures, I-Can-Do packaging, and a symbol system that even non-readers can use to know what product goes where. Big kids want products made for big kids, and are more likely to use them when they like the products. TruKid understands that it is important for kids to protect their skin daily. Their skin can suffer from hydration issues and environmental factors that can exacerbate mild or severe eczema or other skin problems. Teaching children between the ages of 2 and 12 how to care for their skin allows them to understand the importance and value in maintaining healthy skin throughout their lives. In the wintertime, it's especially important to moisturize your child's skin more often because their skin can dry out easily. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog to get updates each week with more information on kid's skin, why moisturizing is important and other smart skincare tips!!           Sources: http://www.rch.org.au/studentorientation/5_children_and_adults/Differences_between_children_and_adults/ http://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/743529 http://www.cosmeticsandtoiletries.com/research/biology/premium-baby-skin-vs-adult-skin-structure-function-and-composition-215561951.html http://www.differencebetween.net/science/health/difference-between-epidermis-and-dermis/ http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/fashion-blog/2011/dec/20/baby-skincare