We are very proud to welcome you to the TruKid blog. While we are committed to providing a safe, all natural and organic skincare line, our larger goal is to help kids form healthy habits that last a lifetime. We believe kids who take care of themselves will, in turn, take care of others and the environment. We’ll use this space to let you know what’s going on with us and provide information on such things as living a healthier lifestyle, the latest research in skin care, games to play with kids, fun ideas for playtime and much more. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas with you, and hope you will do the same! TruKid: Our product is skincare, our business is healthy living™  

About TruKid™

TruKid™ is a California-based lifestyle company for kids that is focused on creating healthy habits and promoting positive lifestyle choices for children and their families. Our truthfully natural skincare line is accompanied by a host of fun, educational materials such as rhymes, songs and games; all of which work towards teaching children how to care for themselves and the world around them. Here at TruKid™ our innovative approach, determination and dedication to truth have allowed us to create a product that has surpassed all expectations.

TruKid™ Mission

By providing products and education to our consumers, as well as a fun and exciting work environment to our staff, TruKid™ is what a company and its products should be: safe, fun and effective. The goal of TruKid™ is to encourage a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. TruKid: Our product is skincare, our business is healthy living.™

Location & Contact Info

TruKid™ is located at 129 Filbert Street in Oakland, California 94607. Our phone number is 510.463.2676 and our fax number is 510.463.2677. For more information, please visit our website at www.trukid.com