I manage all of my life "ok" most of the time. I now discover however, with my 6 kids in school full-time things are a bit more difficult. More schedules & details to manage; afterschool activities to get kids to and from and not to mention; dinner. What? But all that and growing TruKid seems to be harder these days. I work full time but I take time now and again to drive on field trips, coach volleyball and occasionally help in the class of whatever kid seems the most needy at the time. But I also need to work 8 hours everyday to continue making TruKid all it can be. Am I just getting old, or is life just becoming more hectic? My best friend hears all of my complaints because that’s what best friends are for right? In light of this, I hope temporary moment, she sent this card to me (in the mail even). This seems to capture it all so well. So here’s to all of us making "it" work every day and on the days we don’t. Have a great week! Jennifer, founder and mom of 6