Reviews can make or break a business and I appreciate when a review really captures the essence of what we here at TruKid are trying to accomplish. So I am posting a review from Lillia on a site called: Lillia on 6/12/2010 9:17:00 PM This is the best purely physical sunscreen I've found so far -- non-greasy, easy-to-spread, and light enough to wear on the face. It's rated highly for both high UVA-protection and low toxicity. Its active ingredient is micronized zinc oxide (not nanoparticles). It is completely different in texture from the other purely physical, mostly-natural sunscreens I've tried (Badger, UV Natural, even California Baby). While most of those sunscreens have been on the greasy, pasty side and require a lot of rubbing to spread evenly, this TruKid sunscreen is neither greasy nor pasty, and it spreads and absorbs very quickly and easily. (In fact, it's almost a bit liquidy, to the point that you have to be careful about how much comes out when you open the tube.) It's actually so spreadable and non-greasy that I've started using it on my face as an everyday sunscreen -- it leaves a nice matte finish. The scent is natural and mild. The product contains no parabens, retinyl palmitate, phthalates, or any other ingredients that you're supposed to avoid in sunscreens. Even the tube it comes in is BPA-free