[caption id="attachment_256" align="alignnone" width="300"]TruKid in Egypt TruKid Fan in Egypt[/caption]   She called and said that our sunscreen worked great in the heat of the Egyptian sun and wanted to order some for her family. Thankfully, we are back in stock now! YEA! I have always been mesmerized with Egypt and to find that our TruKid Sunscreen SPF30+ Lotion worked so well there, I had to ask for a picture. So I have included a family picture of a new customer, in front of the Sphinx no less. How about that for a family vacation?! This is such a great story and I am so greateful for her sharing it with me. And just between you and me, I am little jealous that she got to visit the Sphinx (which is on my list of places I have always wanted to go). Do you have a story of how well TruKid Sunny Days SPF30+ Lotion worked on your vacation or at the park? How about a contest? please send in your favorite pics of your kids (vacation or anywhere) when using Sunny Days Sunscreen and we will draw at random a winner at the end of April. The Prize: a TruKid Hat. Also great for keeping the sun off of your face. Have a great weekend! Jennifer and Mom of 6