Making good on our eco-friendly promise, TruKid is launching Project Eco-Craft, hours of fun for you and your kids to enjoy while doing your part to create a healthier planet. Not only do we use completely biodegradable formulas that are free of environmentally harmful toxins as well as BPA-free plastics, but we’re also finding innovative ways to recycle and repurpose TruKid packaging. From sail boats to piggy banks to luggage tags, the TruKid team has cooked up over seventy different ways to extend the fun of TruKid products and to keep materials out of landfills. You can turn vibrantly colored TruKid bottles, caps, pumps and labels into virtually anything- toys, costumes, jewelry, accessories, gifts, organizers, household and gardening tools and so much more! We’ll be posting pictures of and instructions for crafts we’ve done so far on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to give you a little inspiration, but we’re also excited to see and hear your great ideas! Stay posted for announcements about our upcoming TruKid Eco-Crafting contests for your chance to win awesome TruKid prizes. With a little imagination, we can work together towards a sustainable future.

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